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2 dead, 13 injured in shooting at Kroger grocery store in Tennessee – USA TODAY

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At least two people are dead and 13 more were injured in a shooting at a Kroger grocery store in Tennessee, police said. The suspected shooter is included in the dead, likely from a self-inflicted gunshot, according to police. 

The shooting was reported Thursday afternoon at about 1:30 p.m. CDT at the Kroger in the town of Collierville, about 30 miles east of Memphis. Terrified grocery shoppers ran from the building amid gunshots fired inside, according to survivors and eyewitnesses. 

“We found people hiding in freezers and in locked offices,” Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said. “They were doing what they had been trained to do. Run, hide, fight.”

One employee was extracted from the roof of the store, Lane said.

“It’s horrific. We hate that it happened, but this is one of the most resilient communities in America and one of the best police departments,” Lane said.

The grocery store, at 240 New Byhalia Road, sits in a strip mall near a Wendy’s and a Walgreens, across from Corky’s Ribs and BBQ.

Glenda McDonald, who works in Kroger’s floral department, said she was not injured, but shaken.

McDonald said she walked out of the back office to the floral counter when she heard something that sounded like a gunshot.

“I just ran out the door,” McDonald said. “I left my purse, my keys, everything.”

She said she is not sure how many people were injured, but she believed she saw a bagger and some customers get shot before fleeing. 

The Memphis Police Department was on the scene, according to its social media. 


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