Alec Baldwin receives backlash from political figures after fatal movie set incident | USA TODAY

Alec Baldwin receives backlash from political figures after fatal movie set incident | USA TODAY

Details are emerging about how Alec Baldwin shot and killed a cinematographer on a film set and now the controversy has turned political.
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Details are still emerging about how Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer on a New Mexico film set, but some political onlookers swiftly assigned guilt to one of Hollywood’s most prominent liberals.

Right-wing pundits and politicians have long chafed at Baldwin’s criticism of former President Donald Trump and his Trump parody on “Saturday Night Live.” They wasted little time zeroing in on the actor who pulled the trigger. The hashtag #AlecForPrison ricocheted around Twitter.

Within hours of the shooting, Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance asked Twitter to let Trump back on the social media platform that banned him after the Capitol insurrection. “We need Alec Baldwin tweets,” Vance wrote.

By Monday, Trump’s oldest son was selling $28 T-shirts on his official website with the slogan “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.” The post was later removed.

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