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Ida B. Wells Annual Birthday Gala and Ida B. The Queen book-signing event with Michelle Duster

Gala: Ida B. Wells-Barnett Museum Eddie Lee Smith Center, 235 N. Memphis, Holly Springs, MS 38635

Friday, July 16, 7 p.m.

Book Signing: Ida B. Wells-Barnett Museum, 220 N. Randolph, Holly Springs, MS 38635

Saturday, July 17, 11 a.m.

Take a day trip to the Ida B. Wells-Barnett Museum in Holly Springs, Mississippi, this weekend and enjoy a trip through history.

On Friday, the museum’s annual fundraiser will feature keynote speaker Dan Duster, the great-grandson of Ida B. Wells-Barnett, who is a motivational speaker and author based in Chicago. Included in your $50 event ticket, peruse silent auction items and enjoy a one-year individual museum membership.

Not to be outdone, Michelle Duster, the great-granddaughter of Ida B. Wells-Barnett, will host a book-signing for her book that was released in January, Ida B. The Queen: The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Ida B. Wells.

Ida Bell Wells was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, on July 16, 1862. Her parents instilled into her the importance of education. She became a prominent journalist in the late 19th and early 20th century using her writing skills to battle sexism, racism, and violence. When the yellow fever epidemic took both of Wells’ parents and her infant brother, she took a job as a teacher so that she could keep the family together. She moved to Memphis where she continued to work as an educator. Here, her activism continued. Finally, she moved to Chicago after the lynching of a friend. As her fight for equality continued, Wells became a founder of the National Association of Colored Women’s Club, which dealt with both civil rights and women’s suffrage issues. 

Happy Birthday, Ida B. Wells.

Elemental Yoga: Metal

Metal Museum, 374 Metal Museum

Friday, July 16, 8 a.m.

What a great day Friday will be to join Gary Berglund on an invigorating journey of self-care through the lens of yoga, using principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This 60-minute class combines vinyasa (athletic flow) and yin (long-held stretches) to stimulate meridians supporting one of the five TCM elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). Focusing on the element of metal — at the Metal Museum, no less — corresponds to organs such as lungs, hair, skin, and large intestine. In TCM, metal also governs the emotional states of grief, sadness, apathy, insensitivity, and depression. An imbalance of this element in the body can lead to skin and hair issues, depression, antisocial behaviors, self-harming behaviors, and digestive problems. Balanced metal provides objectivity and the propensity to overcome difficult events, adversity, and stress without being insensitive to others.

Enjoy the view! The class is held in an open-air covered space overlooking the river on the grounds of the Metal Museum. Feel free to look around the gardens and explore while at the museum.

Meet and Greet for “Structure(s)”

2021 Projects, 55 South Main

Saturday, July 17, noon-3 p.m.

Meet artist Lester Merriweather, whose works re-contextualize printed ad material from fashion and lifestyle magazines in an effort to restructure the socio-economic standing and acknowledgment of people of color.

Learn more about the artist, his work, and his mission in the backdrop of the 2021 Projects gallery.

Inaugural MAM Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

 Golf & Games Family Park, 5484 Summer

Saturday, July 17, noon

Who’s up for some fun and games? Register a golf ball before Saturday for a chance to win up to $10K.

Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) is having a unique fundraiser that could mean not only big bucks for the organization — but for you too.

Go on their website and register a golf ball. All of the golf balls will be dropped from a helicopter at a height of at least 50 feet. On the ground below, there will be a target area containing 13 numbered holes. Each hole will be the size of a single golf ball. A total of nine prizes will be awarded and holes 10 through13 will serve as alternate holes in case one or more of holes 1 through 9 do not contain a golf ball after the drop.

Easiest game of golf ever, for a good cause. See you on the green.

TCM: The African Queen 70th Anniversary

Malco Paradiso Cinema, 584 South Mendenhall

Sunday, July 18, 3 p.m.

Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn star in this classic film directed by John Huston, based on the novel of the same name written by C.S. Forester. The film premiered in Los Angeles in 1951.

The story unfolds during WWI in the German East African village of Kungdu. British Reverend Samuel Sayer and his spinster sister, Rose (Hepburn), lead prayers as the Africans struggle to follow the English psalm. They hear Canadian Charlie Allnut (Bogart) enter the village on his boat, African Queen, bringing mail and goods. Though a bit rough around the edges, Charlie lunches with the Sayers, who delicately ignore his uncouth habits. Before leaving, he informs them about the encroaching war in Europe, and although the Sayers are frightened, they refuse to desert the village. Hours later, however, German troops invade Kungdu and destroy the village. When Charlie returns to the destroyed village the next day, he finds Samuel dead and Rose accepts Charlie’s offer to hide from the Germans on his boat. Together, the mismatched pair take on the Germans in a heroic tale of bravery and eventually, romance.

This special anniversary event includes exclusive insights from Turner Classic Movies.

For a full list of what’s happening this weekend in and around Memphis, check out our calendar of events. Also, be sure to tag your favorite Instagram photos of Memphis while you are out and about with the #memphismagazine hashtag. I hope you have a great weekend.