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Jeremy Laura – Wings vs Chicago pregame – Hockeybuzz.com

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Detroit lost to Pittsburgh 5-1 in the middle frame of a 3 in 3 set. The Metropolitan is going to be a rough conference this year, and I’ve said before I think they could grab both wild card spots. Is almost seems like the divisions get less competitive when you go East to West. The Metro and Atlantic are both rough, Central has a little easier, and the Pacific could be a rough watch this year.

Tonight, Detroit will ice it’s “A” team again as Chicago comes calling. Though it’s still just preseason play, the ‘Hawks may want some sort of payback after Detroit’s goalies stole a win in Chi-town.

Injuries are already a concern with Vrana on the shelf for at least 4 months. I’m concerned the Berggren is going to have a tough time getting and staying healthy. He took another hard hit last night in his first game back (teammates dropped the gloves) and just doesn’t look like the guy in game one of the prospects camp. Hopefully the team will let him heal properly. Rasmussen is also basically done fo the preseason. Hopefully Fabbri, Suter, Larkin, Zadina, Raymond and Veleno will have their heads on a swivel.

The gap between the team that played yesterday and whatever Blashill sends out tonight should be significant. That’s just preseason reality. If you can look good on the road, it really stands out as they want to spare the top guys a lot of travel and wear and tear.

If it’s the same lineup, I’m sure most of you are looking forward to seeing Raymond again. Seider has looked good as well. It would be good to see Zadina have some better luck finishing tonight. He’s had some good looks. Veleno will be skating hard too.

As usual, I’ll have a post game blog with goal highlights embedded. We’ll see if the home team can grab another preseason win.

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