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Report: David Montgomery Injury Not Severe – Sports Illustrated

According to NFL Network, Bears running back David Montgomery had only a hyperextension of the knee and no severe damage done, pending a Monday MRI.

It appears the injury suffered by David Montgomery is not the type to threaten his career or end a season.

Bears coach Matt Nagy refused to speculate on it after Sunday’s 24-14 Bears win over Detroit, but NFL Network reported he had a hyperextension and no major injury occurred. An MRI will be performed on Monday, according to NFL Network.

The report explains why an hour after the game Montgomery was tweeting: “You are an awesome God!!!”

The fact the injury wasn’t considered serious was helpful because his backup, Damien Williams, suffered a quad injury late in the fourth quarter and third running back Khalil Herbert finished.

Herbert got three carries for 7 yards and Williams had eight for 55 yards with a touchdown.

The Bears also have Ryan Nall and Artavis Pierce on their practice squad if they are still down healthy running backs when preparing for next week’s game with the Raiders.

Teammate Darnell Mooney boosted optimism right after the game but also provided some warning about the exam Montgomery will have on Monday.

“He was in (the locker room), he looked fine to me,” Mooney said. “I don’t know MRI-wise and other things you can tell. Your adrenaline is rushing.

“So you never know until the next day.”

Whatever happens, center Sam Mustipher expects the Bears running back group will keep the momentum going.

“It’s tough you know, Dave and I came in together but you know the running back group, coach (Michael) Pitre he does a great job with those guys,” Mustipher said. “You know you see Damien, you see Khalil kneeling right next to each other as David’s helped off the field. You know they’re ready to go. 

“We, respectfully as Dave goes off the field, they understand that the way to honor him and the amount of work and the amount of carries that he got today, the way to honor him is to finish the game the right way.”

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