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Save time on your household chores | Problem Solved

Grocery shopping and laundry don’t have to be so time-consuming.

PROBLEM SOLVED, featuring Kristopher Juniel, shares the surprisingly simple solutions to life’s common problems. These aren’t just hacks. They’re helpful techniques you can use every day. Check back every week for more clever, simple and inspiring solutions.

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Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss

Living a life which you enjoy includes eating the right foods and getting enough exercise. Without either your ability to get the most out of your life will be hampered. It is suggested that you aim to develop a healthy lifestyle rather than focus on losing weight.

Don’t Click the “Unfriend” Button

The world has changed completely and nowadays we are exposed to things that our parents couldn’t even imagine. Look at social platforms, for example.

Mastering the Ground Rules

I used played golf when I was a young man. It’s not an easy sport.

No More Baby Food

When we tour, we always stay with the Cake Lady in Bloemfontein. She’s one of those nice people who can’t stop doing good.

Scholar or Graduate?

Today is the day for straight questions. Questions that will make you think.


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