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‘Six’ returns to Broadway after COVID shut down on opening night | USA TODAY

‘Six’ closed its doors on its opening night because of the pandemic. After an 18-month hiatus, it’s now one of Broadway’s hottest shows.

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In their own words, some of the queens and creators of “Six” reflect on their long road to reopening on Broadway, from shutdown to opening night – 18 months later.

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New Christian Novel Explores Dating, Drinking, and God’s Purpose for Our Lives

Erin Elise Kiu’s debut novel “One Transforming Love” tells the tale of a young woman trying to let go of her past unproductive patterns, including drinking and dating the wrong men, to live a life that God wants her to. The story offers realistic examples of how people can embrace the Christian lifestyle and will answer many questions, while being entertaining reading throughout.

What Makes Hopkins Village Belize A Unique Vacation Destination?

There’s a lot that makes Hopkins Village special. Located on the beautiful Belizean coast, this charming fishing village is home to fascinating Garifuna culture, with stunning natural beauty, and adventures all around. Although you’ll find every home comfort you need in Hopkins, this is a village that’s yet to be discovered by mass tourism. So make sure you visit soon to appreciate its uniquely authentic vibe. Hopkins was recently named the friendliest village in Belize too, so you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome! Hopkins Village is Belize’s number one cultural destination and it’s one of the best places to discover the Garifuna way of life. Drumming is an extremely important part of Garifuna culture, helping to maintain links with the population’s African heritage. You will hear drumming everywhere you go in Hopkins, and it really is the heartbeat of the village. Music, song, and dance are also prevalent in Garifuna culture, telling stories of the population’s heritage that visitors can understand without speaking the language. You’ll find plenty of opportunities in Hopkins to enjoy and learn about culture, as well as discovering Garifuna food, which incorporates African influences into traditional Belizean dishes.

5 Areas, Interest Rates, Really Matter!

Nearly, every day, the media, including, television, radio, newspapers, and Internet websites, mention, and discuss, interest rates. However, rarely, are these discussions, sufficiently, detailed, and explained, so most of the public, truly, understands, what it means and represents, and the potential ramifications, etc. Why should the average person, care, about whether, these are rising, falling, or steady?

The Difference Between A SMART Leader, And Pretenders!

After, over four decades, of personal involvement, in nearly, everything, related to effectively, leading, from identifying, and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or. potential leaders, to, serving, as a leader, on several occasions, I strongly, believe, there is a significant, real difference, between, being a SMART leader, as opposed to, simply holding some position of leadership, as a pretender! Since, it, generally, takes/ requires, many factors, and characteristics, etc, to get things, achieved, effectively, it seems, a shame/ pity, such a small percentage, actually, make a quality, true difference, for the better!

Inflation: Causes, Perceptions, Concerns, Strategies, Actions!

The reality of economic conditions is, we either experience, inflation, recession, or some condition, in – between! In recent memory, over the course of time, it usually is, a matter – of – degree, because, it seems, regardless, what the so – called, experts, claim, prices appear to go – up! We are experiencing, what appears to be, an inflationary period, in the past few months, with prices, rising, in nearly, every area of life!


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